Let's clean up the World in just one day!

We are a civic led action aiming to involve 380 million people in a massive global clean-up day in 2018.
Get on board and join us!


World Cleanup Day 2018

In 2018, we’re focused on the ambitious goal of cleaning up the world from waste in one massive effort. We intend to get 150 countries on board for one day of extraordinary action and cooperation.

If we succeed, we’ll engage 5% of the world’s population. This isn’t just a number we’ve pulled out of a hat. This number represents the estimated amount of people necessary to create lasting change and go beyond just one day of incredible activism.

On that September day, we’ll wake up in the morning in Japan, finish off the day in Hawaii, and at the end of it, we’ll have changed the world.

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Clean World Conference

26-29 January 2017 Tallinn, Estonia

September 8th 2018 is approaching fast. Exactly 590 days are between the Clean World Conference and the moment when we will undertake the biggest joint clean up effort the world has ever seen – World Cleanup Day.

We are expecting around 200 participants from all over the world to attend this year’s Clean World Conference, offering an unprecedented opportunity for networking and discussion as we aim to make important decisions about World Cleanup Day.
A more detailed programme will here in early January.






Jeff Kirschner

Jeff Kirschner believes litter should be approachable, noticeable, and a spark for thinking about how we look at packaging and trash.  He is an evangelist for the power of consumer engagement and education.  He is also a believer in our shared impact using social media – including its built-in metrics – to change public perception and stir public action. All of these beliefs led him to create Litterati.

Let's Talk Trash

Did you know that every year, 20 million tons of garbage is added to our oceans, 80% of it from mainland waste. That’s like dumping over 710,000 Boeing 737 airplanes into the ocean…each year?

The fact is, waste has a nasty little habit of not staying in one place. As trash begins to decompose, harmful chemicals and toxins begin to leak. First, into the soil, then it spreads into water and air– the very things we all depend on for a healthy life. Dirty drinking water, spreading diseases, red-flag air pollution days… these are all related in some ways to the waste we produce.

Waste is a worldwide problem. There are countless stories of the negative impacts of trash around the world. In short, we care about trash because… we can’t afford not to.

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